Unleash your land’s
power to provide.

5th World’s consulting team combines rigorous scientific and engineering disciplines with regenerative land management principles to transform your land or homestead into a high-performance, biodiverse landscape with abundant natural resources.

We invite you to work directly with our expert team to regenerate your land and embrace regenerative living by securing a hopeful future with abundant food, water and energy.

We believe in High Tech / High Touch / High Nature.

Discover Land Regeneration

Curious about revitalising your land? Take the plunge and uncover the potential of land regeneration!

Our virtual consultations offer a hands-on exploration of the issues facing your property, strategically guiding you through touchpoints to understand your land’s challenges and opportunities.

Over a span of 2-4 weeks, our expert team will outline how you can establish regenerative systems tailored to your needs by assessing the right top-level solutions for your unique situation.

Discover, Design, & Implement Land Regeneration

Committed to revitalising your land and ready for a deeper dive?

Revitalise your land with our tailored Land Regeneration Roadmap journey.

We provide a clear and structured approach to enhancing your land starting with a strategic plan that targets specific goals, key milestones and systems needed for success.

Then over a period of 10 to 24 months, the 5thWorld team will engage with you to execute, implement and report on these systems that will ultimately boost the health and productivity of your land.

Realise Your Regenerative Haven 

Picture a place where resilience and abundance provide all your essentials—food, water, and energy.

Imagine a haven that remains serene and steadfast regardless of the external environment.

For those eager to embrace regenerative living, 5thWorld is your ally in making this vision a reality. We are experts in developing, designing, and bringing to life your regenerative property, overseeing your project from its conceptual beginnings to a practical reality over a 3-5 year span.

Partner with Nature to build a hopeful future.

Bad news about ecosystem collapse is everywhere. But this truth holds: your land knows how to heal itself. When we work with it, rather than against it, the land responds with incredible generosity and strength and invites you into the joys of regenerative living.

Healthier Ecosystems

Everything thrives, from the soil to the water to every living thing on your land.

Secure Future

Regenerative farming makes the dream of living off the land a joyful reality.

Abundant Life

Regenerated land increases biodiversity and abundant, nutrient-dense food.

Resilient Resources

The systems you rely on for food, water, and energy become adaptable and thrive in harsh conditions.

Want to get started with land regeneration?
Speak with an expert.

Where engineering
meets ecology

At 5th World Consulting, we’re committed to both the soul and science of regenerative agriculture. Our founder, Rob Avis, approaches every project—from designing a property, to building a greenhouses—with a farmer’s hands and an engineer’s mind.

A proven pathway for
regenerative success

Regenerative land management has many applications including urban gardens, agriculture, farming, and ecological restoration.

As pioneers in the field, we’ve spent years refining our process.

Combining our engineering expertise with regenerative principles, we bring a unique focus to your project. 

Our rigorous methodology helps you identify your resources, define your goals, and develop a laser-sharp strategy for success.

Ways we can help


the best property for your goals using our Pre-Purchase Consulting services.

the best property for your goals using our Pre-Purchase Consulting services.


your land through our proven Land Regeneration Consulting process. 


your land’s resilience by adding an innovative, high-performance greenhouse to your property.

your land’s resilience by adding an innovative, high-performance greenhouse to your property.

Who We Can Help

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Land Restoration

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Agroforestry /
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