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Your pathway to land regeneration

5th World’s Land Regeneration Consulting Services follow a progressive pathway towards the transformation of your property. Each phase of our process builds on the last, protecting your investment with careful analysis every step of the way.

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Initial consultation

In your first, virtual consultation, we build a foundation for your project. Whether your concern is food security, water management or soil regeneration, we focus on defining your vision, values, and goals for your land and conduct a high-level analysis of the potential risks and problems facing your property.


  • Values and Vision Definition
  • Goals Definition
  • High-Level Property Risk Assessment
  • Problem Statement Development

Because there are insights that maps and drawings just can’t provide, the next step is an on-site visit to study your property. By the end of this phase, what we learn shows you a high-level overview of the ideal strategy for transforming your land into a resilient, regenerative farm.


  • Site Visit
  • High-Level Resources Report
  • Thorough Risk Assessment
  • Report Follow-Up Call

Once your On-Site Analysis is complete, you’ll have all the information in hand to know if you want to continue forward with an in-depth Feasibility Study. This examines your property in greater detail. After that, the work begins of creating a complete concept design and detailed plans for your project.


  • Feasibility Study
  • Concept Design
  • Detail Design

This is it! Once your detailed designs are finished, it’s time for construction! The work of transforming your land begins.


  • Project Management Services for your construction project and contractors

5th World’s consultants will continue to walk with you on the journey of regenerative land management and help you stay on track.


  • Ongoing consulting and monitoring services

Property Pre-Purchase
Consulting Services

Pre-Purchase Consulting Services

5th World’s Pre-Purchase Consulting Services ensure you’ve defined your vision, values, and goals for your property before you purchase the land. 

First, we walk through the Foundations consulting process with you to bring focus to your search.

Then, we assist you in the search itself in one of two ways:

  • Property Search – We work with you to find, view, and vet potential properties for alignment with your regenerative land management goals.
  • Property Assessment – If you’ve already selected a property you want to purchase, we will perform an in-depth analysis and vet the property for you. 

The next evolution of
greenhouse design

The next evolution of greenhouse design

  • Extend your growing season.
  • Shield crops from erratic climates.
  • Protect your food supply.

In addition to consulting, we design and build regenerative greenhouses. Schedule a call to discuss how a custom, state-of-the-art greenhouse can be the centerpiece of your property’s design.

5th World’s consulting process answers your biggest questions.

Land regeneration begins with a moment of inspiration—a commitment to transform your land into a life-giving, resilient homestead. Then, reality sets in. There are big, fundamental questions to be answered, and it’s hard to know where to even begin! 

5th World’s consulting model focuses on these three questions first. The place where they intersect brings focus to your project and helps answer all of the questions that come next.

What are your goals?

Most landowners understand their goals in broad terms, but they haven’t been examined at a level of detail needed to support a regenerative land management design. Additionally, it’s critical to define the full vision for the property and the values driving your decisions. 

Only when your goals, vision, and values are well-defined can we take the next steps in assessing whether your land can support those goals.

Hardest to change

Easiest to change


What are your resources?

Money isn’t your only resource! We examine your land through the lens of eleven resource categories and perform a SWOT analysis on each (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)

This comprehensive model for evaluating your land helps us determine what’s possible on your land and what’s needed to reach your goals.

What does the land
want to be?

What does the land want to be?

There is much that the best charts and maps in the world can never express. Site visits are essential for a proper analysis of the land. They’re also an exciting time when new, unexpected possibilities are discovered!

Only when we’ve met the land in person can we plainly understand the kinds of flora, fauna, and ecosystem it can support.